1. working
    my bills don't stop just because something bad happened. also i currently have a mini week vacation and it's eating at me.
  2. dipping my toes in the sex water
    and immediately taking them out because i've drowned in it too many times. i'll just pace around it until i feel i'm ready to get my stroke back. (also that's a story to tell if you wanna know)
  3. breaking shit
    my phone, my pinky (i think from punching shit), relationships with bad people, my celibacy streak (see above)
  4. dreaming
    both figuratively and literally. in one of my dreams i created a whole language. when i woke up, i forgot all but the cardinal directions in my language. still trying to figure out what it meant.
  5. creating
    my mind is going fucking crazy. nothing ignites creativity like desperation.