1. as we know, i love knives.
    currently have 15? 17? little babies. all of varying sizes and styles.
  2. one of my favorite things to do is play five fingers of death
  3. but, i have all ten of my fingers, in spite of stabbing ferociously at them with blades.
  4. so, how do you play it without losing your fingers?
    i'll tell you!
  5. start with pens
    not only is it safer for knife newbies, it also lets you know the patterns in which you make mistakes. for instance, if you keep hitting a certain spot on your finger, you'll know to move next time.
  6. stab on the wide spaces between your fingers, but not too far
    think right between your second and first knuckle
  7. find your rhythm and never break it
    EVEN IF YOU STAB YOURSELF, DO NOT BREAK THE RHYTHM. imagine you're playing double dutch. keep a rhythm in your head and get back in it. immediately. it helps with muscle memory
  8. don't stand directly on top of your hand.
    even if you think you'll be able to see better, standing a little behind your hand helps with depth perception. the weight of your upper body may also slow your arms down.
  9. don't be afraid to mess up
    you know what you're getting yourself into. it's not called "five fingers of tickles". you stab your hand, move on. stop being a baby.