1. Cry
  2. Play with knives in a trance-like state
  3. Stay in the parking lot of a grocery store and worry about how fast time is moving because you've been sitting there for an hour but you originally only planned to be there for 2 minutes to buy creamer
  4. Tear apart your nail bed with your front teeth.
  5. Cry
  6. Listen to Fleetwood Mac
  7. Write a song about the spacetime continuum
  8. Keep procrastinating on that assignment that was due almost a week ago
  9. Cry
  10. Scratch at your bug bites
  11. Make a list about things you'd collect
    But don't post it bc anxiety
  12. Cry
  13. Worry about why you're crying so much until it makes you cry some more
  14. Cry about that too.