1. I had the urge to call you
  2. And tell you to meet me outside
  3. So we can go out together,
    To the places I go, not uptown with the slushy bathroom floors and grubby dudes who would try to grab n' squeeze my ass while walking past.
  4. And get a little too drunk,
    The kind of drunk where I put your fingers in my mouth while we stare at each other too fucking long. The kind of drunk where you try to whisper to me, but you get too close and you speak with your breath, beard, lips brushing my face.
  5. Then go home.
    So I can take off my pants, and you can take off your shirt. so I can take your contacts out with my fingers all wet from your eyes, and you can take off my makeup, with your fingers all sticky from my eyelash glue. So we can tuck into each other and sweat in our sleep from the heat we emanate.
  6. I couldn't put my finger on it. It's not because I'm particularly lonely,
    Because I'm not. I mean, I am, but not enough to explain this urge to wanna do things the old way again.
  7. And it's not because you called me to say you miss me.
    Even though you did, a few days ago, saying all those nice things about me that I should believe by now.
  8. So, of course I had to check on you to see what's so special about today.
  9. Tell your girlfriend I said happy birthday.
    I forgot about her.