1. I might have shed my single thug tear of the year because of that one post you made when I was trying to be discreet about telling you I got tons of love for you too
    You didn't let me hide it for shit.
  2. And I read it sometimes when I'm really sad or down because I don't know how to ask for love and shit and that was the sweetest unprompted thing I've had someone say to me in like... Forever. Ever.
  3. And I appreciate you like a lot, but I don't know how to tell you without sounding sappy and that's GROSS
  4. And fuck it, I don't care if it's technically launch day, it's still my last beta list and I didn't want to be all "this goes out to you", but I never thanked you the way I should have.
  5. And I really want to let you know that meant something.
  6. I learned from you, and maybe you learned from me, who knows?
  7. I really value your vulnerability on here and the way you just open your head and show what's inside.
  8. You're my favorite, on the lowest of low keys.
  9. And I'm trying my best not to be nasty on this list, but you already know what the fuck it is.
  10. Thank you papa @john