Inspired by @HaveSomeKoco
  1. Very sensitive, with a short fuse
    I've found myself hurting people a lot more than they've hurt me because of this.
  2. Extremely impatient, but very slow moving
    If I need to go somewhere, you will hurry. But if you need to go somewhere, I will take my sweet molasses ass time.
  3. Too good at picking out the right thing to say to ruin your day
    See subpoint 1
  4. I know everything.
    At least I think I do. Which means I know I do. I do.
  5. Bad with commitment
    I'm a runner, not just with people, but with anything. I will run away once I feel I'm trapped with my decision. Thus leading me to my next point.
  6. Indecisive as fuck
    I had lunch three hours late because I didn't know if I wanted to eat, then I didn't know WHAT I wanted to eat.