1. When someone gets laid bc of this app
    I prefer that it'd be me. But, anybody is fine.
  2. The arrival of the stans
    When Beyoncé and Gaga and Rihanna and all of the pop deities come, there will be a STANpede. That's when we know true success.
  3. The first beef
    Hopefully it never happens, but I'm totally ready for some vicious ass attacks in list form. "10 REASONS WHY @STEFFANI IS A STANK ASS BITCH AND NEEDS TO GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME" "11 REASONS WHY @TERRYANN HAS NO LIFE AND CANT KEEP A DAMN MAN (STUPID BITCH)"... I can't wait.
  4. The first list of straight genital pics
  5. When someone gets a new job off of here
    Once again, I'd prefer it'd be me. I will start posting resumes and CVs and shit.
  6. When we get Instagram-esque popularity and pretty girls come here solely to sell waist trainers and diarrhea tea
    I'd do it. Let me get pretty first.
  7. When someone starts promoting their mixtape on here
  8. When the "I can show you how to make money FAST" spambots come
    They come for a reason.
  9. When Leonardo DiCaprio('s assistant) comes on here and starts making lists that have titles like "REASONS I DID DJANGO (OTHER THAN SAYING THE N-WORD SIX THOUSAND TIMES)"
    This does not mean winners. I'm lookin at you, Taylor Hicks. You didn't fucking deserve that W.
  11. When someone hits their first million
  12. When this site fucking collapses for a day and we send death threats to poor lil @bjnovak about getting a little funny gif of a caterpillar eating the List App logo instead of our daily fix of lists
    I'm sure it won't happen, but that's when you know people are hooked
  13. Advertisements???
  14. A fan live-listing a concert with an artist who is on the app
  15. When we get holiday themed logos like pornhub
  16. When Jonny Craig comes on here selling MacBooks and shit
  17. When Mase buys all his list followers and after a fake account sweep, we see he only has 22 and he just deletes and remakes altogether
  18. When people have no choice but to start using numbers instead of letters in their name.
  19. When I meet people from here and they can confirm that I'm actually this fucking terrible in real life.
    @sally I apologize in advance
  20. A list that's almost entirely butt pics
    I already did it. Make me the List Apprincess