all the shit i've lost over this month. i'm going fucking crazy
  1. black american apparel cable knit thigh high, left
  2. three (3) butt plugs, gold with a big green rhinestone at the base
  3. diver's knife, titanium
  4. santa's belly shower jelly, small, half-used
  5. black choker with heart-shaped metal decal
  6. USPS package, supposedly mailed "in or at mailbox at 2 pm EST" which i never fucking got
    along with accompanying $165 i used to pay for the package
  7. MAC lip liner, "OAK", brand fucking new
  8. $20 clear lip gloss from sephora that was PERGECTLY TUCKED IN MY BOOBS DURING A RAVE
  9. one (1) 24k gold dangling earring
  10. yellow tongue scraper
    keep that one, actually.