Requested by @sky
Thank you for getting me all riled up this morning @sky
  1. Iceberg/Wedge Salad
    You hate progress. You probably have a stock picture of grapes on a vine on your menu. And you wanna fight me.
  2. Baby back
    I can't explain this one. It makes me mad.
  3. Chipotle ranch
    STOP this shit we are not at McDonald's!
  4. Cajun (if I'm not in New Orleans/anywhere there would be Cajun influence)
    Your gumbo is fuckin nasty and you need to stop playing games with me.
  5. Old Bay _______
    I'm from Maryland, so anything with Old Bay in it is probably too salty and played tf out.
  6. Alfredo
    I'm tired of seeing that shit. I'm just tired. It's time to square up.
  7. Caribbean
    Where? Puerto Rico? Trinidad? Jamaica? Barbados? Martinique? Grenada? Haiti...??? All these places have different foods and for you to just mention your food is Caribbean without telling me exactly where tells me that you've probably never been there and you probably don't know how to cook the dish. Yuh tek me fi poppyshow? Mi ago tump yuh inna yuh face.
  8. Mini
    The only time this word is acceptable is when we're talkin about golf. Find a new word to say "I made these smaller to save money and pander to the dieters".
  9. Hawaiian
    Usually something with ham and pineapple in it. But like... Not really Hawaiian. At all. Fight me.
  10. """"Shareable""""
    You're making fun of me.
  11. Pepsi products
    Let's go, they don't respect themselves.