1. Take your lover to an open lot. Get out of the car, keep it running, put a brick on the gas pedal, get on top of the hood and start gettin nasty. Ghost ride the whip
    From guest editor Kevin Hart
  2. Put some pop rocks in your mouth when you're about to perform oral sex on your partner. If they're into sensation play, Let a pop rock sit right on the edge of their urethra and drool on it until it pops.
  3. Take a snuggie and cut a hole wherever you think there needs to be one. We call this one the "Pluggie"
    Shout out to Jamie Kennedy
  4. Pour a quarter-sized drop of lube on your partner's forehead. Rub your butthole on their whole head.
  5. Two words: champagne enema.
  6. Tie your partner up, clip their toenails and eat them in front of them seductively while playing "How Many Ways" by Toni Braxton
  7. Eat tuna sandwiches together and make out, pushing chewed-up bits of tuna sandwich back and forth. It's extra hot if you puke.
  8. Do a full face of makeup, with false eyelashes and everything. Straddle your partner, then slowly take all your makeup off. Make sure to lean in very closely when peeling your eyelashes off.
  9. Remove your eyeball, put it in a champagne glass with some salt water, and drink it. Feel free to let your eyeball poke the inside of your cheek a couple times to let your partner know you're not afraid to give a blowjob with one eyeball fresh out of the socket.
    If you need help with removing your eyeball, John has a good list about that.
  10. Smear peanut butter all over your body and sit on the kitchen table, like peanut butter baby
  11. Ask your partner to literally eat you out. Hand them a fork and knife to let them know you're bout it.
  12. Take a nap.