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  1. sext: i got as many openings as u got fingers
  2. sext: 2 in the pink, 1 suddenly missing
  3. sext: u cum into me and never cum out
  4. sext: every time we fuck a new star appears in the sky. we should stop until we figure out why
  5. sext: u unzip the 4th seal
  6. sext: i have a name. i cant remember it anymore but i have one
  7. sext: do everything 2 me at once
  8. sext: u ease into me & with a soft hiss the bed turns to sand
  9. sext: u spell letters on me with ur tongue. as u get more insistent i realize the letters are h-e-l-p-m-e
  10. sext: why do you have so many holes
  11. sext: take off your clothes and leave
  12. sext: 20 billion gaping holes and only three of them yours