i should do more requests
  1. favorite drink order that isn't a shot
    revolver: bourbon and coffee liqueur
  2. favorite fight starter
    headbutt. bold and if done right it'll end a fight quickly
  3. favorite piece of advice i've ever received
    "you are your best friend. treat yourself like it."
  4. favorite animal you can have as a pet
    middle aged man
  5. favorite animal you can't have as a pet
    college aged man
  6. favorite sibling
    my dog
  7. favorite instagram explore posts
    balisong knife tricks or slime poking
  8. favorite five scents
    bergamot, black currant, amber, sandalwood, musk
  9. favorite first thing to notice about a person
    mouth. the way it sits and moves tells a lot about you
  10. favorite song that everyone finds annoying
    macarena ("Never Gonna Give You Up" is a close second)
  11. favorite youtube wormhole
    medical procedures. that or snake egg opening videos
  12. favorite makeup look
    "bare" with a flawless lash, and if i need it, a bold lip
  13. favorite song when i'm frustrated re:dating issues
    "free yourself" by fantasia (sing it at the top of your lungs, with the ad libs, and watch your trouble melt away)
  14. favorite candy
  15. favorite beatle
    slim jimmy. everyone loves swae lee.
  16. favorite lister
    mind your business.
  17. i could probably do more favorites and then explain them all but fuck it here you go