Requested by @dev
  1. I'll start with this one
    Partially because it looks the coolest, but is the most useless, and partially because I keep it in my car and I don't wanna go back outside in case I forget to take a picture.
  2. See?
    It looks like a gun, flips out from the side, but the"knife trigger" is nowhere near the safety or the actual trigger. Useless!
  3. This one I got for Christmas
    From this one girl who has a thing for me.
  4. Static
    This is the other side. It says "stay woke" obvi, and it's a very teeny knife. It's my smallest and it's soooo cute!
  5. This one I got Christmas 2014 from my roommate
    Because she knew I loved knives. It has a rainbow trim!
  6. This is my lightest knife
    Even lighter than the "stay woke" one. I think it's because of the wood. Also, it's only half true, because I'm not from Florida 😊 (I made that joke on snapchat when I did a video run down of my knives.)
  7. This is my go-to
    My favorite one! I've done so much with this knife, and it's my favorite to play with.
  8. And my newest baby!!!
    I saw it in the store, and I was like "I need it"... So I got it. It's spring assisted, like my pink one, but I still have to "loosen" it up. LOOKK AT THE HEARTS
  9. And the little belt clip on the back says "Love"
    Isn't this the cutest knife in the world???!!!
  10. Also my diver's knife with a thigh holster
    The holster is made of rubber and doesn't have a way to secure, so I can't wear it but it looked so good the one time I got to wear it!
  11. My gold one
    That I can no longer find. Look at he fucking COORDINATION tho! WOOO.
  12. I need more knives.