1. her name is keanu
  2. she's a yorkie
  3. i saw her at the home where her siblings and mom were.
    it was an hour away in corn fieldville, where the houses are grouped together in threes on a shared driveway. when we first arrived, i was terrified the redneck men standing around a junker would lynch us. but i still sat on the front porch and waited for the owners to greet us. if i got killed trying to provide a new home for a little fur ball, i died the right way.
  4. she was so much like me
    a middle child, feisty, the liveliest, and the friendliest. she walked right up to me and nibbled on my thumb. her sister hid under the couch, her brother tried to bury himself in my lap. but she just wanted to say what's up. i picked her because i knew. i just knew.
  5. she is even more me than i thought.
    not even 24 hours here, she's learned her name, how to go up and down steps, and how to navigate socializing with my other dog. she's so smart and independent. she is super brave, she jumps when she runs and she's all about exploring. she's the best.
  6. i love her already.