List may be updated.
  1. Tyler
    Very sweet, probably the most excusable, but always trouble. Only acceptable as family.
  2. David
    Very sinister, very obsessive, kind of controlling. Will want to push you to fight back because he's into the thrill.
  3. Tommy
    Not worth the time you'll want to spend trying to crack him open. It's just as bland inside.
  4. Travis
    From hell.
  5. Ryan
    Don't touch him. It's a trap. And when you think you've gotten out of it, you'll be right back in there.
  6. Joseph
    Just like his daddy. Neither of them are worthy of his mom.
  7. Sean
    Even more obsessive than David. You ever seen your ex convince all his new girlfriends to cut their hair like you?
  8. Mario
    Too nice to let you know he's a garbage can dressed up as a wannabe kinko's manager.
  9. Jake
    Stupid as hell. Very fun to play with, but is so goddamn stupid your face will go numb listening to him talk.
  10. Frankie
    The boys you make fun of on your blog that don't do shit, but love talking a good game.
  11. Keith
    He sucks toes but he betrays his friends. (Read: getting your toes sucked is so cool, dude, so hang with him once but only once. he fucking sucks.)
  12. James
    He's a charmer - he has a word of tongue that will try masquerade his shitty actions. BUT don't be fooled, James is a level 10 scumbag. Also has a small 🍆 🙊
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  13. Ben
    Don't be fooled by his outwardly aggressive machismo. He might be tall and good looking in an interesting non-traditional way and that swagger might seem sexy for awhile. It's not. You want to change him but you can't! There is not soft candy center under that hard shell, he is NOT a diamond in the rough; he is a brilliant but evil man, who does not believe anybody is smarter than him and will give you homework and reading lists on dates... (ALL 4 OF THEM DID THIS)
    Suggested by @dena
  14. James
    He's a charmer - he has a word of tongue that that will try to masquerade his shitty actions. BUT don't be fooled! James is a level 🔟 scumbag. He also has a tiny 🍆🙊
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  15. Mike
    Backwards hat
    Suggested by @thatssoayesha
  16. Jeremy- has a boyish charm and a carefree vibe about them. Knows how to say the right things at the rights time but at the end of the day they are always hung up on their ex.
    Suggested by @futurestranger