A collection of pictures people have drawn of me, with the originals
  1. Whenever someone asks to draw me, I get really excited!
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  2. You never know how they see you or how talented they may be!
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  3. These two weren't too far from the original.
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  4. I love how they all show the different looks I've done, like the "pink hair and heart choker" look.
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  5. I also think it's really cool that people can use the same picture as an inspiration.
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  6. :)
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  7. Some of these were done by my friends.
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  8. I think this is my favorite one because one of my buddies, who is an awesome artist drew me... and it's one of the most recents!
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  9. Even the people who say they aren't artists do a super good job.
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  10. This one is the most interesting to me.
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  11. The original, taken at a Barf Troop show.
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  12. This was an unfinished/scrapped drawing.
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  13. I can't find the originals for a few of these, so fuck it. People like drawing me and I love it.