People Really Like Drawing ME

A collection of pictures people have drawn of me, with the originals
  1. Whenever someone asks to draw me, I get really excited!
  2. You never know how they see you or how talented they may be!
  3. These two weren't too far from the original.
  4. I love how they all show the different looks I've done, like the "pink hair and heart choker" look.
  5. I also think it's really cool that people can use the same picture as an inspiration.
  6. :)
  7. Some of these were done by my friends.
  8. I think this is my favorite one because one of my buddies, who is an awesome artist drew me... and it's one of the most recents!
  9. Even the people who say they aren't artists do a super good job.
  10. This one is the most interesting to me.
  11. The original, taken at a Barf Troop show.
  12. This was an unfinished/scrapped drawing.
  13. I can't find the originals for a few of these, so fuck it. People like drawing me and I love it.