I could put weird al out of business
  1. Sex With Me, Rihanna
    "Sex with me ter-ri-fy-ing! Always pull-ing out a knife and...." "SEX WITH ME'S TERRIFYING YOU JUST MIGHT LOSE YA LIFE" (where she's like sex wimme is amazing with her it'll feel alright)
  2. Controlla, Drake
    "Like butthole-ahhhh, butthole-ah!"
  3. Work, Rihanna
    "Weed weed weed weed weed, we nuh smoke nuh seed seed seed seed seed, all we blow is tree tree tree tree tree, smoke ya shit and leave leave leave leave leave"
  4. This is What You Came For, Calvin Harris
    "Bitch don't ask if I'm okay... where the fuck is my foo-oo-oo-oo-oOod"
  5. Into You, Ariana Grande
    "So baby come eat me out! and baby I'll let you own it, a little bit dangerous, but some sriracha on it, a little less conversation and a little more eat my pus-sy! AND EAT MYYY ASSS TOOO ASS TOO ASSSS TOOOO!" (@alanarogerrrrs hey boo)
  6. Needed Me, Rihanna
    "YoooOoU EeeeEeeeEeeeEeeEeeeat my booty"
  7. One Dance, Drake
    "Imma eat yo ass, got a buttcheek in my hand, one more time 'fore I go, Imma lick on yo bootyhooooole oh ye... BABYYYYYY THAT ASS TASTES FIIIIIIINE"