screenshot dump

  1. living for approval 2k17
  2. @ all meme makers
  3. i could throw myself off a building not even being funny but i was so not emotionally ready for this and then i got pissed because what the fuck wrong with these people????
  4. ???
  5. i mean... i DO.
  6. i hate the internet.
  7. a drag.
  8. mte
  9. of course.
  10. 😇😇😇😛
  11. my 14 yr old sister upset bc i'm being distant and also dragging me bc i love to run away from any close relationships
  12. me bein completely confused that my mean ass mother would ever 1) check in on me 2) say she was proud of me AND loved me for the first time in years.... IN WRITING WHERE IT CANT BE DENIED???
  13. when you send a dude videos of you doing things like using a knife to play with your bra parts and he's more concerned about preserving your nipples
  14. first they're sour...
  15. ...then they're sweet