mostly for creeping/tracking my creeps
  1. 🏅For watching your story to completion
    (also why is this one emoji 🎖not showing?)
  2. number of how many times your story's been rewatched
  3. how many followers one has EXACTLY
    the score doesn't do much.
  4. double tap the "+ (x number) more" to see ALL the viewers, instead of the first 199
  5. double tap on a person's story bubble to see a bunch of smaller bubbles that have previews of the story
  6. different colored names for friends on the "who watched" list
  7. muting
    for those you love too much to unfollow, but really wish to be out of your fucking sight for a bit.
  8. some equivalent of that thing Netflix did when they asked "Are you still watching?" but like "proceed to the next story?"
    I've fallen asleep and blazed through so many snap stories
  9. recommended follows maybe???
    except to one's friend set, not like "hey here's yesjulz and k*lie j*nner!"
  10. ways to label followers in groups like "family", "business", "baes" etc.
  11. custom viewer filter per snap
    send all the butt pics to baes, all the sweet videos to family, and all the "hire Me" snaps to business