Yes! So @lame_dame and I have talked about getting stick and poke tattoos for a while now and I HAVE A FEW IDEAS
  1. Teeth
    Not just a single tooth maybe a row?
  2. Dot work
    Definitely would take a lot more precision and time, but anything dot work-y would be fitting, I suppose
  3. This drawing someone did of me in a lace bodysuit
    I mean for me, but you should do a contour piece too.
  4. Idk something based off of this
    I'm really shooting for the stars
  5. By stars, I mean like OUT OF THIS GALAXY stars
  6. Geometric shit
    Lol we'll need surgical type hand steadiness for this
  7. Far fetched but we know how I feel about knives
  9. Idk these seem really complicated for a stick n poke...