The Different Ways to Take Butt Pics

Owning your sexuality in different angles.
  1. The first angle is the full-body "not really a butt pic, but you know what it is" butt pic. It's my profile pic because I love that picture and I don't have to explain myself to any of y'all.
  2. Then, there's the "it's rugby season so I'm gonna show my ass AND the super nice thighs I've gotten from pushing multiple 200-plus pound girls over a ball"
  3. The butt pic that is only used for one-second snapchats that makes the recipient press and hold to replay, just to confirm that's a butt in the pic
  4. The almost demure (HA) peek-a-boo pose
  5. I use this angle when I pretend like I was lazy all day instead of spending thirty minutes cleaning my room to take butt pics
    Can you see I have a cheap app for the photo size limits?
  6. The one angle guys use in dick pics to make them look bigger and a little ominous.
    I don't know why there's a peace sign. That's what's making me embarrassed.
  7. And lastly... one for the advanced butt pic babes, of which I'm super proud.
    And if you can stick 6 carnations in your ass through jean shorts for a picture too, then you don't even need to be reading this list. We're both good enough at this game. Props.