1. Delphine
    my mother. absolute battle ax. From the lowcountry, with a white mom and a smooth ass father from the Islands. Met my father, a fellow drill sergeant, while he was married, and then they began running all over the world until they finally got married in Alaska by his barber, and had me. taught me how to fight and win.
  2. Geraldine
    my paternal grandmother. loves crown royal and tequila. in the summer of my early teens, quite some time after her fourth husband died, she was taking care of this really old Sick man she was dating. we called him Papa Smurf. One day, she took me and my toddler sister to the tattoo shop with her. she got a lower back tattoo of five butterflies. when we came back for Thanksgiving, Papa Smurf was nowhere to be found. I wonder if she'll ever get a sixth butterfly.
  3. Eunice
    my maternal grandmother. She died when my mom was maybe 13. She loved baking and kids. My mom is really impatient with both of those things, but she manages pretty well.
  4. Sam
    My aunt, the crier. She's been with my uncle since around the time my grandmother died, and she would emote for him any time his machismo got in the way. She only has sons, so she cries enough for the boys, too, now that they're "too old to cry". She's cried at graduations, birthday parties, and even when we just tell her we love her.
  5. Deirdre
    Not family, but close enough. She had two kids at the time we first met. The younger of the two, Qualyn, had cancer. She was afraid to lose her only girl, so she loved me as her own. Qualyn was five when she passed. Deirdre's husband had orders to move shortly after, and she couldn't bring me with her. So she had more kids, two boys at first, then a girl, and another girl, just in case.