1. Blaxploitation
  2. Gerund
  3. Gnocchi
    but pronounced correctly
  4. Gargoyle
    you can't do it while sucking dick though, because it sounds too similar to sucking dick.
  5. Snickerdoodle
  6. Mohammed Gaddafi
  7. Jay Leno's Chin
  8. The Fitnessgram pacer test is a multi-stage fitness capacity test that progressively-
    you get the point
  9. Aluminum
    but the British way
  10. chrysanthemum
  11. Luxembourg's national Anthem
  12. Gesundheit
  13. Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior Chamillionaire
  14. Gluten-free Cheerios
  15. The first verse of Crossroads by Bone Thugs and Harmony
  16. Tryptophan
    Please note that this was added in post because we didn't want you motherfuckers coming around in November talking about turkey tranqs and disrespecting my choices.