Things I Care About Right Now

I'm in need of comfort. This is my comfort.
  1. Fleetwood Mac
    Mainly Stevie Nicks
  2. The color saffron
  3. Buckskin anything
    Jackets, boots, horses.
  4. Bottom lashes
  5. Foot rubs
  6. John John from Sesame Street
  7. Eggs that are fried on both sides, but still have a runny yolk in the middle
  8. Glass blocks in interior design
    I do not care if it is tacky. It makes me happy.
  9. Mallard art
    I think I might get a tattoo of one.
  10. This one kid's scifi book about aliens and the piccolo? I'm googling it.
    My Teacher Is An Alien by Bruce Coville.
  11. The future of marginalized people who are brutalized for their identities and how they are under protected in a very cruel world
    In case you needed reiteration about that.