1. 7 individual wet wipes
  2. A pack of Clorox wipes
  3. Empty pill bottles that don't have my name on them?
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. A full economy size bottle of contact solution
  6. A regular sized deodorant bar
  7. A metro card from July that I can totally reuse when I'm back in NY
  8. My bag of nipple rings and septum rings that I forgot I bought this weekend
  9. A pay stub from july, covered in shea butter
  10. My favorite switchblade
    It's pink pearl covered and I've done some crazy things with it.
  11. My newest switchblade that says "Florida Princess"
    I'm not from Florida, but it's half-true I guess.
  12. Blue lipstick
  13. A spoon
  14. A broken anklet made of bells that I bought from my local new age store because of @witch's "ADVICE FOR WITCHES" list
    I couldn't find a circlet. I should have.
  15. My "fuck, it's the first day of class and I've yet to go supply shopping" notebook filled with notes and homework and textbook reminders.
  16. Not my wallet.