1. l don't get hungover
    although sleeping in my makeup after drinking should be punished by some type of biological disaster akin to a hangover
  2. never buying my own drinks
    no skin off my pockets
  3. dancing
    I do it well. I swing my hair, I get under the lights, I close my eyes, I get my life. nobody bothers me unless they wanna dance. anyone who's shady at a close range gets smacked in the face with my hair.
  4. blocking is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off
    if someone is a shit to you, block them where they don't follow you, just in case they wanna creep. but not where you follow each other. it makes no sense but it makes sense. keep up with me.
  5. time
    even when it's wasted, I have so much more.
  6. queerness
    I love myself, I love my identity, I love my people, I love my pride.
  7. knowing (and being able to communicate within) my emotional bandwidth
    I don't shy away from what needs to be said, I avoid miscommunication by being very detailed with my feelings. it is extremely hard, but the pain of trying to be understood is greater than the pain of being misunderstood.