Things I would collect if I had the means to collect things

Some of these I already collect.
  1. Collars
    So many different styles
  2. Knives
    I already collect c: but I have 9, so it's a small collection.
  3. Sex toys
    But mostly butt plugs. They're my favorite and so decorative. I may or may not only have 3.
  4. Preserved animals
    Both wet specimen and taxidermy pieces
  5. Bones/teeth
    I have teeth, my best friend is getting me a cow skull and some teeth I think
  6. Circle pins from the 1950s
    A sign of virginity, relationship status and other social statistics in young girls.
  7. Hawley retainers
    Especially the ones with the cool designs. My friend Cara gave me her neon yellow smiley one but idk where it went. I think my parents threw it out when I went to college.
  8. The granite/marble slabs they use to show you what counter tops look like at Home Depot
    Like, what a weird practice it is to just have a piece of expensive counter to show that's essentially free, even though the whole thing is tons of money. Anthropologists 500 years from now will probably think it was some strange bartering tool.
  9. Old medical tools
    Those comically huge syringes, orbitoclasts, and those weird masks doctors wore during the plague.