1. The one part in trust where Bieber says "invi-Sible" and it's separated weird like in-vi-SIB-le instead of in-VIS-ible
  2. My new hair
    a lot of people I care about have told me it looks nice, but so many people have commented on how big it is, and I just... Wanna feel colossal and almost like I'm not human? I wanted to be unreal. I wanna feel unreal. I wanna demand my space and respect when I walk into a place. But I'm so self conscious.
  3. Songs that make me feel like I'm laying under LED lights that only show colors on the cool spectrum
    Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Rooney, Telepopmusik, kilo kish.
  4. The way I chewed out my little sister today
    I sacrifice so much of myself to make sure I'm there, because I have to step in for my parents in so many ways, and she hurts my feelings so much by being mean and disrespectful. I really leaned into her while driving her back home. She was completely silent the whole time I spoke and the rest of the ride back to my parents', but I could tell I was cutting her deep.
  5. Lack of physical contact
    I could use a really long, tight hug.
  6. Pee wee herman
    The playhouse show is so fun