1) these, along with others that I really didn't post because I didn't wanna get kicked off List, can all be found at http://whitegirlsaintshit.tumblr.com/tagged/thirst-princess 2) I'm so fucking sorry you read this.
  1. slash coulda stretched my p*ssy out, spat on it, dipped it in salt, filled it with tequila and margarita mix, hung a lime on my cl*t and drank it from me. made me a lil pussarita.
    Me on slash from guns n roses
  2. he could buss in my ear and slap the sides of my head so hard my brain blows cum bubbles
    A very dark time when I had a thing for Bieber.
  3. i want to let their cum dry into little sheets and use it to blot my face oils. i want to put their cum in a neti pot and clear out my sinuses. i want them to get my asshole pregnant. god.
    On two leba(e)nese guys
  4. i hope i fucking die in his arms and pass him a release form that says he can fuck my dead corpse pussy in front of all my loved ones at my funeral.
    On a hot doctor.
  5. gouge my right eyeball out and fuck my skull then buss into my brain so i can always have your cum on my mind.
    On a hot pakistani model
  6. shove steel rods in my ankles, attach some wheels onto them and get on top of this pussy. literally ride me. for real. forever
    On Kim Sangwoo
  7. I (would) scream all of the angelic salutation in latin while he stroked. i would let his dick purify me of every sin i’ve committed, kill the little nasty bitch i am, revive me three days later and spread the gospel of his seed that filled my little wom
    On Idris Elba
  8. Headbutt a hole into my skull and literally fuck my brains out
    On Henry Rollins... Which I still feel to this day.
  9. I would suck a chromosome out this nigga. Turn him into a fuckin banana.
    On a hot rugby player
  10. I need him to separate my lower jaw from the rest of my face and just use my face as a suck hole for a good 12 years. Bruise my goddamn gums with that dick-pummeling. 12 years a suckjob.
    On some guy who skated and modeled
  11. I will suck the dick and the balls at the same time. I will slobber on that shit until his knees are wet. I need him to have me on his dick like a bulldog after tooth surgery (meaning super-slobbery)
    On Tom Hiddleston.
  12. Cum on my eyelashes so I can't blink. I don't wanna miss one second of you.
    On some hot guy
  13. Break in this pussy like a broke nigga on an unlocked bentley
    On my friend Ben.
  14. Can I slobber on the dick until I'm sitting in a drool pool?
    On some guy idk
  15. Cummunion: where I cup my hands as if I'm begging and you buss inside them and I lick it thraight out my palms while gregorian chants play in the background
    On my old friend Mikey
  16. Fuck me so hard I forget who I am... Fuck me so hard I forget who God is
    On kellan lutz
  17. I can't go any further. This feels like a punishment. I'm so sorry.
  18. Also, I'd like to add this was part of a project where I was talking about how sexuality and aggressiveness is used in masculine spaces without criticism, but when used from a feminine standpoint, it's repulsing.