1. went to @SamanthaBanks new strip club
  2. made one of her customers buy us a bottle of champagne, took his money
  3. left; went to get food
    apres smashing clicquot and rubbing on a cute old man's thigh
  4. on the way to food, decided to sit in a fountain with a grungy looking presumably homeless guy who asked if we wanted to smoke weed
  5. i drank half a bottle of malbec with said presumably homeless guy, sam smoked weed with said presumably homeless guy
  6. he then reveals he's a district attorney
    stands up, opens his dingy jacket to reveal actually well pressed clothes beneath
  7. talks about how he's going against the state of new york with his ex wife for custody over his son, then..
  8. this boy says he's a fucking nazi
  9. and shows us the ss sun tattoo on his wrist
  10. bitch
  11. i drank malbec with a nazi??!
    i'm supposed to be punching them what the fuck
  12. hell nawl