1. Jhovi
    he told me he'd tied a girl up until the rope burned, then slapped her tender red parts... that was his thing. he didn't tell me he'd made a girl uproot her life and give him everything for him to tell her in the middle of a bustling street that he didn't want her. i wouldn't have let him strangle me and hand feed me grapes.
  2. Natasha
    she wants me to think she's stupid. i almost did. if she wanted something from me, she draped her long, lanky limbs over me and rubbed her lips on mine. it would have worked if i were a man. but i'm not and it didn't.
  3. Cat
    in a room full of huge punks with leather and weapons, the most dangerous person is the small white girl with glossy blue eyes and a preschool teacher grin. like all cats, she took a liking to me. i let her rub against me in a red glow of a brooklyn bar, then left before she could trap me in a car back to her place. she asked for me until the day i left her city. i avoided her at all costs.
  4. Joseph
    i learned in sunday school that satan was a most beautiful specimen. joseph is too fine to be of god. hes the son of a bishop, a shepherd of a church who's cheated on his wife too many times for the lord to forgive. joseph wanted to catch up with his daddy, using me as his party of (his cheating ass) interest.
  5. Isaac
    he walked in the middle of my rooftop picnic date, ate my food and held my gaze. my date didn't budge at all for the entirety of the 20 minutes isaac stayed and talked to only me. after he left, my date buried his face between my legs. i dropped my head off the side of the roof and looked out into the upside down cityscape. i scanned the skyline, then noticed isaac standing in a lit window across the streets, drinking from a wine bottle and watching me think about his mouth on me instead.