So we don't all get it twisted.
  1. I don't like getting on the Internet and going off on people. Especially here.
    You can't teach an ass 🐴how to turn into a human 👶🏽. And I'm not getting paid to. So I don't want to.
  2. I like to chronicle my life, see many different perspectives of life, and just enjoy Shit in many different media forms.
    Tumblr! YouTube! Vine! The List App! Twitter! All dem.
  3. But my existence, in itself, is a political position.
    Being an intersection of so many identities that are all very marginalized, and still being vocal about my experience in blah blah blah blah blah blah basically I'm a threat to societal oppression bc I'm alive.
  4. So, when I want to have a safe space in which I can talk about the things I love, I have to essentially MAKE it that way.
    Because it's so easy to be silenced, anywhere I go.
  5. This is my safe space. Maybe it wasn't created to be that way, but it is now, bitch.
    What's up.
  6. So, I, personally, have zero-tolerance for that fuckshit.
    Read: "that fuckshit" translates to misogyny, racism in any form, transphobia, homophobia, any form of aggression or violence against people of marginalized identity here, or anywhere else.
  7. And I would expect anyone in the space that I inhabit to be cool enough not to bring that fuckshit in my space.
  8. This isn't some militant type thing where I expect people to have to twiddle their thumbs and have a stick up their ass about everything.
  9. It's not hard to have fun and be chill while not bringing any fuckshit out here.
  10. But, like... Please be a decent person and not be a fuckin corrosive dickhole on here? This is one of the few places on the Internet/Earth that isn't completely tainted with horrible human interactions. Please.
    For me. For you. For everyone else.
  11. (we can discuss this further at any point if you have any questions/concerns/qualms/observations/reservations/complications/complaints/compliments/etc)
  12. Love,
  13. Olive💕
    Patron Saint of weird hoes, resident bad bitch, local hoe with a loud mouth, and aspiring Thot supreme.