Twitter is doing an unpopular opinion thread trend, but I think it's better suited over here.
  1. Channing Tatum is not that cute
    As in he's so fucking ugly omg he looks like a FUCKIN toe I can't even apologize for this I hate how people think he's so hot bc he has ok dance moves
  2. Censoring the word "rape" makes me more uncomfortable than the word itself
    I could tell the story about how it affected my actual experience(s) with rape, but, long story short, we need to understand that there's no other way to describe rape. Sexual assault is too soft and broad of a word. Of course, I can't speak for other survivors. So I would never go in on anyone who chooses otherwise.
  3. Uggs still haven't earned a spot in my heart or closet.
    I've tried on dozens of pairs of uggs and they are wonderful to walk in when they're brand new, but they're still hideous af.
  4. Everyone is too fucking overstimulated
    Sex, food, drugs, etc. we have too much, including me... Especially me. And it's making us insatiable. I know we should be able to adapt but it's terrifying. Also...
  5. Sex is socially constructed to the point where we see it as a competition
    Not just like theoretical gender binary sex, but intercourse and the shit around it. Everyone has to be the best lay and we're always trying one up somebody with some new sex shit. It's all constructed, but... Hey. I guess it's working out ok.
  6. Work ethic as a characteristic or a positive quality is lowkey bullshit
    I guess it comes from the "natural" ability to determine who can provide for oneself and survive yadda yadda yadda, but a lot of people associate work ethic to a certain kind of morality and Shit. A lot of people who have crazy success haven't worked hard, and a lot of people who work to their deaths spend their whole lives struggling. Playing the game right don't mean playing it all the way sometimes. I'm babbling.
  7. There will probably never be a time where every person of privilege will get it.
    And I'm figuring out how to come to terms with that. As both a privileged and oppressed person.
  8. That "most people in 2050 will be tan-skinned and hazel eyed" shit is annoying as fuck
    And it doesn't make me feel any better about race issues either.
  9. Miley could probably become one of the greatest vocalists of the last 10 years
    As soon as she stops focusing on being the human embodiment of weed tumblr, she can really take over the world.
  10. The 90s were not that poppin for us to still be up their fucking ass to this day
    We are halfway through a whole decade that we spent on trying to recreate the year two decades before.
  11. Art museums are mostly just good photo-ops now
  12. Clout is worth more than cash now.
  13. If you brush your teeth with the toilet seat up, you're an animal.
  14. The general age of adolescence is beyond the teens
    The idea of adolescence is fairly new... Maybe a lil over 100 years old. And our ideas of adulthood are very socially constructed too. We've tried our hardest to use numbers to measure a person's growth, but nobody just pops up at fuckin 18 with a briefcase and a 401(K). It doesn't happen like that. It could be very well into one's twenties before they become a grown up.
  15. A lot of people are using their kids as props to help them gain Internet "fame"
    And it's exploitative, but what do I know? I don't have kids...
  16. NASCAR and horse racing should be on the same level of prestige
  17. If you rely on memes to help your latest campaign/song/ad/line/etc pop off, you're the weakest link.
  18. I can't get too mad about ghosting tbh
    Nobody owes you shit. Of course there are some cases that are exceptions but like, there are so many reasons why a person disappears out of your life. Forcing them to give you an explanation ain't always the best way to get over it. Trust the process.
  19. Rollerblading is cool.