things that I find super cool this week
  1. x ray spex
    poly styrene's little squealing count-in, and the very raw presence of young punk from WoC in London is so poppin
  2. thin lizzy
    Phil lynott is pretty cool.
  3. curry buns
  4. well-done stupid tattoos
    I really wanna get "sodomy" on the little cuff under my butt in pretty calligraphy. and TBH I can't wait to be 80 or 100 or at the end of my life knowing that I lived as shameless and nasty as the good lord intended me to be.
  5. slime
    I did an Instagram tutorial on how to make slime with glue, water and borax. super fun. super stimulating.
  6. Air Force ones
    I wore them with everything in LA. also check out my leg. yeah.
  7. dream interpretations
  8. beach skulls
    any band that makes music appropriate for the buzzed summer laziness is cool forever
  9. unshaven legs and short dresses
    a signature look of mine
  10. keywording your day
    today's keywords: naked business calls, beet carrot smoothies, abyss vs void, baby bottle emoji, staples receipts