Requested by @stars
For those who need to desperately get out of a physical fight.
  1. Focus on hitting the important stuff, not just the face.
    Face bones are meant to protect the brain, so it'll definitely be a lot more painful punching a skull. Also, there is a whole diaphragm that's usually unprotected for you to punch. Knock their wind out. Hit their solar plexus. Gut and groin punches work wonders, regardless of gender.
  2. If you have the time, smack both sides of their head where the ears are
    Fucks up their balance and orientation, and also gives you more time to hit them some more.
  3. Head butt
    It works, it's fast, and it requires minimal fight. Chin in, grab them and pull them into that shit with force (hit with the crown/top of your head, not the front where your hairline and forehead meet). Your head and their body should be coming towards each other full speed. You'll fuck them up.
  4. Throw them bows
    Swing your elbows if you know you don't have hands.
  5. Stomp on their feet
    Nobody is thinking about the lower part of their body in a fight. Crush their toes and you'll be ahead of the game