Requested by @seyi
  1. Lowkey she has the best smile
  2. She has a soft voice
    Even when she's loud it's not offensive.
  3. Her skinny lil wrists and hands
  4. Every time I'm at her house, I think about her roommate that can't cook
    and Seyi also reminds me that it's important to be able to take care of oneself and create a home worth visiting
  5. Her stories about her ugly nigga
    Who actually looks like tyrese in that one picture of you two kissing on New Years (blech)
  6. Her help in my impulsive decision makinf
  7. The fact that she makes me focus
  8. Her sensibility
    I know I'm the crazy one out of the two of us
  9. Her censorship
    She doesn't swear, I have such a fucking filthy mouth.
  10. NOT the fact that she doesn't see anything wrong with having 3 hour phone convos in my face like our time together ain't precious!
    Bitch you know I'm prone to danger! I could be gone at any moment!
  11. Her artistry
    You talented or whatever.