1. Flirted with the guy who was making floor plans beside me. Found out his job was cooler than I thought.
    33; From New Orleans, but lives in DC; he's in the SECRET SERVICE (bitch I had to fan myself when he said that); is visiting his wife and kids; still hopes to see me on his flight back
  2. Finally took down this big ass hair wrap
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    I bleached my hair at a length I'm not used to; now I have hot roots; I thought it looked shitty; everyone else thought different
  3. Argued with my turnt ass dad about where his food was because he's a little drunk ass baby
    "Where's my chicken?" "...Baba you just ate it." "I need more!" "Ok, well there's more over there." "I want more chic- oh shit, you ain't tell me there's more over there!"
  4. Got invited to a party; declined
    I refuse to go to a party with the same clothes I wore at work, on a plane and to see family.
  5. Ate a po boy alone in my room; passed out with a piece of lettuce in between my tits
    Turn up.