its coming in 23 (changed it, thanks @mallofamanda) days, and I want it done right! for real!
  1. to have everybody I care about remember it so I don't panic and cancel the day at last minute.
  2. to never want to say no to anything
    I hate making decisions. but I hate saying no even more. so, I wanna be on my godfather shit. kissing people on the cheeks and saying yes to everything. "can I rub your butt, Olive?" of course. "do you wanna go for a swim at an indoor pool?" sure! "hey, how about all the specials and the whole drink menu as well?" goddammit, that's a wonderful idea!
  3. a very thorough massage that gets ALL the kinks out
    rubbing all of them out, or blowing my back out works. either way I want my butt rubbed at some point too. which leads me to my next point...
  4. to get my p**** ate, nine'd and ten'd.
    if I could, I would strap stirrups on the sides of someone's face and use it as my primary transportation for the whole day. because it's my birthday. and because that's so cool.
  5. to eat and drink whatever I want without my stomach acting up
    probably the most wishful on this list.
  6. to have all the weight I've gained since my last birthday to be melted off
    I lied, THIS is the most wishful on the list. also, arms and tummy only. keep the hips. they make my ass look 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  7. more knives, a wet specimen, maybe a skull or something? make it spooky.
    that's all.