Low points in abusive friendships aren't fun, so this is what I did to get myself out of a funk.
  1. Analyzing Riddles of The Sphinx/Mulvey from a black fem millennial perspective
  2. Taking selfies in public restrooms
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    Shameless self-love in public spaces where privacy is feigned to give people a sense of comfort is so... Fun! Also this was the first day where I didn't complain outwardly about my body. Those rugby thighs get to me sometimes.
  3. Isis&Osiris
    This is the first song I heard that made me want to be just like Alice, take up harp lessons when I was 8, and learn about Egyptian spirituality. I still get blown away.
  4. Talking about the stories behind my tattoos
  5. The perfect melon
    My favorite fruit is honeydew, and I got the sweetest golden honeydew in my house. I took my time cutting it into cubes and thought about things I was grateful for today, which led to this list.