"Netflix and Chill" and "Hey Stranger" season don't describe it well enough.
  1. Hide My Liquor In Starbucks Cups Season
  2. "What Are We?" Season
  3. "Biological Clock" Speech Season
  4. Wearing His Flannel Shirts With Nothing Underneath So He Doesn't Notice Me Stealing Them Season
  5. All These Sorority Girls Wear The Same Brown Boots Season
  6. Steal The Batteries Out Your Remote So My Vibrator Doesn't Die Season
  7. Pretend To Like Your Team So You Can Bring Me To Sports Events Season
  8. "Why The Fuck Does The Fold Under My Nose Sting So Much?" Season
  9. Find Creative Ways To Dress Like A Hoe Without Getting Hypothermia Season
  10. I Can Tell Who The Demons Are By Who Still Has On Flip-Flops Season
  11. Pray That The Pants I Put In Storage Still Fit Season
  12. Finding Creative Ways To Wipe My Nose In Public After I Used The Last Kleenex Season
  13. All the Mommies Wearing Their Jeggings Season
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  14. Justify Your Relationship Status to Your Relatives Season
    Suggested by @christinakc
  15. But most importantly, it's #fuzzysockseasom
    Suggested by @gardengirlsam
  16. Flaunt your cold hard nipple season.
    Suggested by @lalamooki
  17. No One Can Tell If I'm Crying Or It's Just Windy Season
    Suggested by @lgw
  18. Using "It's too cold" as a Legitimate Reason to Not Go to Class Season
    Suggested by @georgiez
  19. "Just bought three chapsticks; how did I already lose them all?!" Season
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  20. "Being uncomfortably sweaty in overheated buildings" Season
    Suggested by @paigeclaudette
  21. Han Solo season
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    Suggested by @futurestranger