1. We all need attention sometimes
    I know I often deal with feeling like I don't have enough attention and love in my life, as a result of my past, mental illness, etc etc etc. I've learned a few ways to handle times when you're really craving attention.
  2. First realize that there's nothing wrong with needing attention
    Your feelings are valid. Your need is important. It is ok to need attention. There's no problem with that. The problems arise when you take that need and channel it in unhealthy ways. We want to keep that from happening. So once you affirm your need, move to the next step.
  3. Check that all your other, basic needs are met.
    Just like when babies cry, sometimes paying them attention isn't enough. Are you well-fed? Hydrated? Warm? Check to make sure you're set.
  4. Try to see if there's any other issues that tie into your need for attention
    Are you feeling rejected? Unloved? Unimportant? Lacking self esteem? What's missing?
  5. Be honest with yourself
    If you're unhappy for something seemingly trivial, it's okay. Realize this and work it out with yourself.
  6. Find someone to talk to, and be honest with your needs
    Let them know you wanna decompress or tell them how good your day was, or just that you need attention. Honesty always works best. (Side note: shouts out to the men in my life that put up with my weird requests)
  7. Reflect about your feelings. Document them
    So many of my lists, about what I care about, what I need, and things I fear, or anything intimate come from moments when I need attention. Writing it down helps me so much, especially in a space where I can be vulnerable and get the love and affirmation I'm needing. Sometimes you can get on the Internet to feel good. Whatever, dude, the future is now. Don't be ashamed.
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  9. Things not to do:
  10. Lie
    Most of the time, when you lie for attention, people will know. And they may not tell you, but they know. It's best to be honest, rather than lying about, say, a bank robbery, or something of the sort.
  11. Harm oneself/another person, or feign harm to oneself/another person
    It hurts you more than the people you need attention from.
  12. Neglect/deny/invalidate your feelings
    It only builds up, making things worse.
  13. Make impulsive long-term decisions
    Sometimes a bad idea sounds perfect when you need attention.
  14. Push any other problems on someone else
    Projection, blaming, and anything else of the sort is harmful, and will make matters worse.
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  16. Ok! Hopefully this helps some of yall. I know I need it, and I know some people on here may need it as well.
  17. 💕💕💕