1. Donald Fagen sounds like a really cool kid's musician
    I started listening to them when I was baby young, and I figured his voice was perfect for my lil ears. if you ask baby Olive, they deserved to be on anything where randy Newman was. like toy story and the little rascals
  2. all of their songs seem to have the perfect tempo for doing bouncy little happy dances
  3. they had Michael McDonald do backing vocals on their shit, including one of my fave Steely Dan songs, Peg.
    Michael McDonald is the king of harmonies. which leads to my next point...
  4. it's super easy to harmonize with everything they do!
  5. They're jazz musicians, and it shows a lot in their work
    most of my favorite musicians fuck with jazz. I can ALWAYS TELL EVEN WHEN I DONT KNOW. i was conceived by, raised on, and matured through jazz. it's corny but idc idc idc fight me.
  6. Kanye sampled them
    good Kanye.
  7. also....
    this is when I knew I made the right decision