It's 6 something. I'm up worrying
  1. Esophageal erosion from swallowing pills dry
  2. Why my feet are alway cold when I sleep, even with socks on
  3. Treating swallowing as a right instead of a privilege.
    I just can't bring myself to spit, but sometimes you don't deserve a swallow.
  4. Whether the process of progress works as a pendulum and if we're reaching the far end of the swing
  5. Body image
  6. My position papers and ad projects
    I have so much fucking homework
  7. If I'm really not getting the love I deserve or if I'm just greedy
    Both, honestly
  8. A girl I met this week told me I'm her new fixation and now I never wanna disappoint
  9. Also she invited me to carve pumpkins with her and I don't have a pumpkin
  10. If I were a butt plug lost in this apartment, where would I be?
    Not saying I have one... Just wondering
  11. If my dry spell is the reason I think I'm so insufferable
  12. What is pumpkin pie spice?
  13. I miss the airport.