1. watches instagram tutorials on how to do current dances
  2. gets mad and throws temper tantrums like Tre from Boyz N The Hood
  3. was stopped at a red light next to some county boys who were blasting "Energy" by Drake and he rolled his windows up and double-locked his doors
  4. boohoo cried on his birthday because he doesn't wanna get old
  5. turned down your suggestion for couples costumes this halloween because he wants to go as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and you called him an idiot
  6. has no black friends but sees his black colleagues and tries to dap them up and take pics like they go way back
    the black colleagues talk shit about him when he's not around
  7. thinks you should find it flattering that he put another person down to compliment you
  8. keeps trying to do cool shit, but ends up looking like even more of a dweeb and your friends make fun of him in the group chat, but everything they say is true, so you can't even defend him
  9. tucks his napkin in the collar of his shirt before eating
  10. fake-drunk calls you so you don't stay mad at him even though you get more pissed at him for playing on your phone
  11. acts like a dick to you and doesn't even know that you had to convince the killers in your life not to fuck him up and rob him bc they're reckless and don't like his ass ANYway
  12. doesn't like being held accountable for his actions or confronting his feelings so when you send long texts, he acts like he doesn't know how to read past a fourth grade level
  13. is a bum, but he's your MCM so you are too, boo.