I wrote this at work because it recently struck me how much I like my job ☕️
  1. venti dark roast
    no room for cream. he wears dark wash jeans and huge glasses. he's the only man I've ever met who has given me butterflies in my stomach. in his early 40s
  2. grande iced pumpkin spice, no whip
    looks exactly like Kate McKinnon
  3. venti 6 shot pumpkin spice latte
    a southern belle. reminds me that I live in texas, really good at conversation. the first order I memorized.
  4. tall nonfat caramel latte
    he's super old and sweet and reminds me of the grandpa I've never had. he never remembers his order, but I remember for him because I love him.
  5. pink cake pop
    they come in everyday after daycare. she never gets anything for herself, just for her daughter.
  6. venti pink drink with no berries
    young, new mom. wears tracksuits and loves her baby a whole lot.
  7. grande iced americano
    super weird guy with crazy hair who asks me a lot of questions, making sure to use my name. travels all the time and tells me stories about his favorite countries
  8. tall java chip frap, one pump of vanilla
    (and an ice water) usually shows up during her lunch break. long dark hair, kind, the kind of friend I wish I had in high school
  9. trenta ice water
    honestly just super hot. always looks like he was just at the gym. 😍
  10. venti caramel espresso frapp
    he doesn't speak any english and I don't speak any spanish but sometimes I feel like we're best friends.