written @ 2:36 am 📓📚📓📚
  1. Eating chips and queso
    "It's to keep my brain active or something"
  2. Sending annoying snapchats about having to stay up and write a lab report
  3. Stretching/lying on the floor
    "It's to keep my blood flowing or something"
  4. Watching Fiona Apple music vids
    how cool is fiona apple circa early 2000s? why have I never caught on to this?
  5. Changing my phone's lock screen wallpaper
    268e4610 3492 42ed 9d67 e3581a9bf434
    yay rainn wilson
  6. Complaining about how much I hate lab reports and science and school
    "Seriously the school system is so toxic like this is definitely not good for my health right??"
  7. Surfing the list app
  8. Not writing my lab report
    Senior year sucksssss