2 episodes in and I'm both confused and intrigued as helllllll. Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. is everyone in this town redheaded??
    there are at least 3 characters (all main) who have red hair? am i missing something? has there ever been such a concentrated population of red heads??????
  2. WHEN did the MURDER-FREE Archie's Comics that i loved as a child become a MURDER MYSTERY????
    I'm not against it I'm just extremely confused
  3. why are we DESTROYING Betty off the bat??
    but when it comes down to it, im probably going to be a Veronica supporter (honestly i dont know why Betty is very annoying though???) ironic since i was always a Betty fan!
  4. i cannot tell how atrocious (or okay??) this acting is!
    it's weird how serious they talk about dumb things???
  5. HOW is Archie banging his teacher????
    you cant just ask your teacher if what she feels is "real"??? it doesn't matter!!! you cannot bang!!!! (ps "Gertrude" is the absolute worst. i know it already)
  6. there are MAJOR twincest vibes
    i don't even watch GOT and I'm picking up on them!
  7. Cole Sprouse is a weird Jughead?
    don't get me wrong, i love him, but his function in the show is unusual and I'm confused
  8. I'm intrigued! i guess we'll see how it goes?