Inspired by @liamduncandonuts also thank you @claaaaire for sharing many of my unpopular opinions even if these aren't them
  1. mint chocolate chip ice cream
    honestly TRASH
  2. big bang theory
    really only fools like this show, i'm sorry to offend
  3. chocolate-less candy
    why? why would you do this!!!! chocolate is the only "candy" this world needs!!!!!!!!!
  4. salsa
    first of all: chunks of raw vegetables?? tomatoes and onions?? why!! second of all: my mouth is weak and i cannot handle an ounce of spicy food, im sorry!!
  5. horror movies
    why! why would you ever do that to yourself?? this one honestly baffles me. seek your thrills in roller coasters or bungee jumping!! more interesting!!!
  6. caramel
    occasionally if it's in chocolate, sure it's fine. BUT i will never seek out this gooey sugar bullshit! i do not see the thrill
  7. cookies
    the absolute scum bottom of the dessert chain, no ifs ands or buts about it! eat ice cream or cake or a brownie!! not a dry, weak cookie for god's sake!!
  8. nachos
    do you like soggy chips?? do you like fake cheese?? or even if it's real cheese: (again) do you like soggy chips?? this is never a good idea!! think of all the better mexican food you could be eating!
  9. suite life of zack & cody
    out of every other fantastic disney show (that's so raven, even stevens, etc) and you choose to watch this as a child!! this!!! please.
  10. pinto beans
    refer to BEANS: RANKED
  11. football/ organized sports in general
    taken straight from @liamduncandonuts but honestly don't get me started on the fascism of organized sports! have you seen concussion???