I've been wearing glasses for about 2 years and although they are better than contacts, they definitely have their drawbacks (except for the allowing me to see thing, that's a plus)
  1. nervous fogging up
    sure it's "cute" when it happens if you're drinking a hot cup of coco but not when you're in a job interview with two old ladies in a flower shop and you have to keep wiping them off!!
  2. everyone wants to try them on
    "look, i'm a nerd!!" No, you're just stretching out the only instrument that allows me to see
  3. people assume your whole life is school
    i happen to listen to some music too!! and have an (arguably unhealthy) tv obsession
  4. your mom calls you a nerd
    when people at school do it, it's fine because it's true, but come on! my mom!!!
  5. lying down on your side after a hard day
  6. not being able to see when you swim/ run
    i'm not about to buy prescription goggles or deal with #1 while at least pretending to be athletic
  7. people assuming you're a genius
    if you are smart or not, it's certainly not due to a genetic handicap that stops you from seeing as well as you could
  8. being anywhere the sun is (which is everywhere)
    suffering through switching between being blinded by the unforgiving sun or by your innate inability to see
  9. people making comments when you don't wear your glasses
    "you look so 'different'!" good? bad? i can never tell