In anticipation of Halloweekend, a reflection...
  1. Crow
    My mom made my sister and me the cutest little crows you ever did see and you can bet your bottom dollar my dad was the scarecrow (that didn't actually scare us).
  2. Green Bean
    Actually dressed in a two-pieced genie outfit, 5-year-old me was asked by an intimidating 6-year-old what I was at my cousins' Halloween party, to which I muttered my nervous and false response, "a green bean."
  3. Punk Cat
    Wanting to show off the pink and black furry cat ear hat that I had recently acquired, I put together a fabulous early 2000's costume, equipped with a mini skirt over capri leggings, a tank over a long sleeve tee and fingerless fishnet gloves. Unfortunately, every girl and their moms were playing it safe in their pajamas that year. The insecurity was strong...
  4. Sexy Baby
    Annoyed by all of my high school peers succumbing to the inevitable "sexy" Halloween outfits, I concocted the perfect "sexy" costume to induce feelings of confusion, disgust and all around discomfort at the local rave.
  5. Basic Bitch
    I left my friends wondering what my costume was going to be as I borrowed from each of their closets the clothing that they wore on a typical college day--Uggs, Lululemon leggings, a reusable Starbucks cup, Patagonia windbreaker, etc. I wasn't trying to say anything about who they are, but it did work out that I was surrounded by Basic Bitches to pursue that as a Halloween costume.
  6. Christina Aguilera (upcoming)
    To be costumed this year is Christina Aguilera in her cornrow phase, which also happens to be her slutty phase (not purposeful but, yes, convenient since I am full-fledged into my recently-single life). To cover my nipples or not to cover my nipples, that is the question...